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We Make Space For Your Life


JOINT modular is a design-build company delivering a variety of architecturally designed spaces from studios to granny flats and entire houses across New South Wales. An integrated architecture and building team ensures an easy, transparent and smooth experience for your building project.

The JOINT Modular design system has been refined to be adaptable, functional and enduring. Utilising a modular kit of parts they can be tuned to your site, scale and budget. Partial pre-fabrication ensures rapid assembly on site, reducing construction time and variables for greater cost control.

As your needs change, so can your JOINT. Flexible modules mean that additional spaces can be added and changed over time to suit your requirements. Requirements such as disabled access, aged care, bushfire and flood zones can be catered for.

We strive to deliver a sustainable product through lean and efficient planning principles to provide natural, healthy spaces.





Sophisticated Simplicity - for uncomplicated compact living

We build the minimum possible - for cost/for environmental impact - resulting in maximum impact.  Integrate outside rooms to extend the internal space for a closer connection inside+out. Our buildings are accurate and elements are put together in such a way as to express the bones of the building. The structure is simple, honest and understandable.


Flexible Configuration - for differing needs and adaptability

JOINT Modular provide buildings to suit a wide variety of uses, from micro sheds, granny flats, teenage retreats, family homes, to eco-tourist accommodation or Yoga spaces and more. Urban infill to sensitive remote sites, our environmentally aware building systems and straightforward process provides an answer to your building and budgetary needs.


Quality Construction - for longevity and low maintenance

Making something smaller, but making it better is our goal. So it lasts, ages well, and is flexible enough to be modified or extended, or reduced as needs change over time.


Thoughtful Design - for site and client specific response

Our customisation options allow you to tune your building to your dreams and your budget. Intelligent, affordable design realised for your unique requirements.


Refined Detailing - for enduring beauty

Buildings don't have to be big to be wonderful. We start by looking for the minimum sizes that will comfortably accomodate needs.  We aim for humble but stylish buildings being big on the finish.


Prefabrication - for swift delivery and cost control

Our kit of parts system enables a site specific response. Utilising a modular planning system, each building is made of standard, tested building components and refined innovative details. The kit of parts is adapted to each brief, budget and site to create an individual home. The modular system means that over time, other pavilions, rooms or functions can be added, removed or reconfigured as needs determine.




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JOINT Modular's sustainability goal is to design and construct adaptable, high quality and environmentally smart, small buildings, using the core principles of sustainable building design. This ensures the highest possible environmental, social and economic performance across our projects for the benefit of our clients and future generations. 

We are committed to our policy of lean planning principles - using as little as possible and only as much as required. Our buildings are sited to take advantage of passive solar design, our materials are sourced locally and from certified sources, our buildings are built to last, and are designed as healthy living environments.

In delivering a JOINT project we are offering the opportunity to live simply, as a means of achieving freedom from debt and minimal environmental impact.  We aim to deliver a design and construct solution which is sympathetic to a social and economic climate of limited housing stock and affordability constraints.